Monaliza 10600nm Co2 fractional laser scar removal machine

Monaliza 10600nm Co2 fractional laser scar removal machine

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Product Detail

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Treatment Principle

The theory of selective photothermy and decomposition is an extent of traditional photothermy. Integrating merits of both invasive and non-invasive treatment, CO2 fractional laser device has fast and clear curative effects, minor side effects and short recovery time.The treatment with CO2 laser refers to acting on skin with micro-holes; three areas including thermal desquamation, thermal coagulation and thermal effects are formed. A series of biochemical reactions will occur to skin and stimulate skin in self-healing. Skin firming, tendering and colored spot removal effect can be achieved. Since the fractional laser treatment only covers part of skin tissues and new macro-holes will not be overlapped. Thus, part of normal skin will be reserved, which quickens recover.

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Application of Scope

The CO2Laser (10600nm) is indicated for use in surgical applications requiring theablation, vaporization, excision, incision, and coagulation of soft tissue in dermatologyand plastic surgery, general surgery.
Dermatology, Plastic Surgery and General Surgery procedures
Laser skin resurfacing
Treatment of furrows and wrinkles
Removal of skin tags, actinic keratosis, acne scars, keloids, tattoos,telangiectasia, squamous and basal cell carcinoma, warts and uneven pigmentation.
Treatment of cysts, abscesses, hemorrhoids and other soft tissue applications.
Site preparation for hair transplants
The fractional scanner is for treatment of wrinkles and skin resurfacing.

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Technical Parameters

Laser wavelength 10.6µm
Laser average power CW:0-30W;SP:0-15W
Laser peak power CW: 30W;SP:60W
Treatment handpiece Scanning handpiece(f50mm)Surgical handpieces(f50mm,f100mm)Gynecology handpiece(f127mm)
Spot size 0.5mm
Scanning area Min: 3mmX3mm; Max: 20X20mm
LCD screen 12.1 inches
Aiming beam power < 5mW
Aiming beam wavelength 635nm
Dimension (not include Articulated arm, L×W×H) 460mm×430mm×1170mm
Weight 65Kg
Input 800VA

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Products Advantages

1.Gold Standard CO2 Skin Improvement and Gynecology
2.Multiple Treatment Tips for different needs
3.Intelligent and friendly Operation Interface
4.Five languages optional to global Users
5.Automatic Self test System for any abnormal situation

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