Why Choose Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine for Hair Removal?

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As a beauty-loving person, the hair removal project is usually put in the first place, because only with smooth and translucent skin as the basis, the latter maintenance and care plan can be implemented without excessive useless work. Speaking of hair removal methods, there are not only a few hair removal products on the beauty market, but they all have their own drawbacks that cannot be ignored. Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine As the most widely used and popular professional hair removal device, why choose Fiber Laser Hair Removal Machine for hair removal? As a Laser Beauty Machine Factory, let's explain it to you.

808nm Laser Hair Removal Machine

808nm Laser Hair Removal Machine

Laser hair removal uses the principle of selective photo thermolysis of a strong pulsed light source. The absorption of light in a specific wavelength band by melanocytes in the hair follicle causes the hair follicle to generate heat, and the effect of removing hair is achieved while avoiding damage to surrounding tissues. Hair follicles contain a large number of melanocytes. Laser hair removal is particularly sensitive to hair follicle melanocytes, while light that is not damaged by normal epidermis is irradiated. The melanin absorption in hairs, hair shafts, and hair follicles is converted into heat energy, thereby making hair follicles When the temperature rises, the hair loses its ability to regenerate, thereby achieving the purpose of permanent hair removal.

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Post time: Apr-18-2021