Precautions during Laser Beauty

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Why do many people have achieved the effects they had previously imagined after doing laser beauty projects? A large part of this is due to the lack of attention to pre- and post-laser treatments. Next, the Laser Beauty Machine Manufacturer will take everyone to see what you must pay attention to!

a. Ask the customer before the operation: whether the skin is sensitive, allergic, whether there is a history of nursing and the reaction after the care, fill in the file list of the caregiver in detail. Only after fully understanding the customer's skin can you better grasp the parameter adjustment. Before the operation, you must inform the customer what the feeling will be and how the skin will change.

b. Before the operation, inform the care recipient to have a slight tingling sensation to avoid panic;

c. Start with the safety energy value (18-20 is the safe energy value), ask the care recipient to feel, adjust the appropriate energy according to the customer's feelings;

d. During operation, the spots are closely arranged from bottom to top, one-third of one stack, and when the parameters are appropriate, it is forbidden to repeatedly irradiate a certain part. The heat accumulation caused by repeated irradiation may directly cause skin redness and swelling. 

CO2 Fractional Laser Machine

CO2 Fractional Laser Machine

e. The laser head should be applied to the skin vertically, should not be too tight or leave the skin (referred to as virtual contact), virtual contact can (avoid) cause a serious post-care response of the skin;

f. When the laser tip is in operation, the front end of the tip is 3-5 cm away from the customer's skin; such as the CO2 Fractional Laser Machine.

g. During the operation, it is necessary to observe the changes of the customer's skin at any time, and listen to the degree of feeling of the skin tingling by the caregiver, and change the parameters according to these two points at any time. (The parameters to be adjusted when nursing various skin problems are different from those of the caregiver's skin. For details, please refer to the parameter comparison table);

h. If the continuous operation of large-area illness care is carried out, the cooling water in the instrument case will heat up rapidly. If the operating handle feels hot, please stop using it immediately. You can replace the cold water or let the water cool itself before you take care. Otherwise, Impairs important parts of the instrument.

Well, the precautions in laser cosmetic treatment are the above. If you are interested in 3D HIFU Machine or have any questions about optical beauty equipment, you can consult online, we will be happy to serve you at the first time!

Post time: Apr-18-2021