Q-Switch nd yag laser 1064nm 532nm Skin Rejuvenation Freckles Tattoo Removal Beauty Equipment

Q-Switch nd yag laser 1064nm 532nm Skin Rejuvenation Freckles Tattoo Removal Beauty Equipment

Product Detail

nd yag laser

Treatment Principle

Treatment principle of Monaliza-2 Q-Switched Nd: YAG Laser Therapy Systems is based on laser selective photothermy and blasting mechanism of Q-switched laser. Energy form particular wavelength with accurate dose  ill act on certain targeted color radicals: ink, carbon particles from derma and epidermis, exogenous pigment particles and endogenous melanophore from derma and epidermis. When suddenly being heated, Pigment particles immediately blast into smaller pieces, which will be swallowed by macrophage phagocytosis and enters into lymph circulation system and finally be discharged out of body.

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Tattoo Removal, Treatment of Vascular Lesions, Treatment of Pigmented Lesions, Incision, Excision, Ablation, Vaporization of Soft Tissue for General Dermatology.

1064nm 532nm
Tattoo Removal*Dark ink: blue and black Tattoo Removal* Light ink: red* Light ink: sky blue and green
Treatment of Pigmented Lesions* Nevus of ota Treatment of Vascular Lesions* Port wine birthmarks* Telangiectasias* Spider angioma* Cherry angioma

* Spider nevi

Treatment of Pigmented Lesions* Cafe-au-lait birthmarks* Solar lentiginos* Senile lentiginos* Becker's nevi

* Freckles

* Nevus spilus

Tattoo, entfernen, Laser


Laser output mode: Q-switched pulse
Laser wavelength: 1064/532nm
Pulse Duration: 5ns±1ns
Maximum pulse energy in the end of articulated arm: 500mJ@1064nm200mJ@532nm
Error of laser output energy: ≤±20%
Spot size: 2-10mm continuously adjustable, error less than ±20%
aiming beam wavelength: 635 nm; output power Pc shall be 0.1mWPc5mW
The distance between spot center and aiming beam center  0.5mm


1.Double-lamp and double YAG rods with greater energy output.
2.Pulse width up to 5ns, higher peak power.
3.Accurate energy and real-time monitoring.
4.Flat-top beam output uniformly distributed spot energy.
5.1064/532nm wavelength automatic switching.
6.Korea imported light guide arm with adjustable spot handles, simultaneous changes in energy density.
7.Automatic water filtration system.

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