What issues should be noticed after Laser Beauty Machine removes acne?

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The presence of acne marks makes the face look uneven, which seriously affects the beauty of our faces. Acne marks are easy to cause inferiority. Laser beauty equipment to remove acne marks is the most ideal and convenient treatment for this problem the way. So, what problems should you pay attention to after removing acne marks? Next, let's listen to the introduction of Laser Beauty Machine Factory.

ND-YAG Pigment Removal Machine

ND-YAG Pigment Removal Machine

Freckle removal is always a compulsory course for older women. If you want to get rid of these stubborn things quickly, ND-YAG Pigment Removal Machine is one of the most ideal methods for Freckle removal. It can remove darker pigment spots, which can absorb this type of laser and be broken down. As the pigment is slowly absorbed by the body, the color fades. Laser spot treatment is relatively thorough, and side effects are small.

What should I pay attention to after removing acne marks from Laser Beauty Machine?

1. Keep the treated area clean to avoid infection. 

2. Use skincare products that are good for the skin and make more masks to moisturize and repair the skin.

3. Avoid strenuous exercise during the period to prevent the wound from being pulled apart.

4. Let the wounds exfoliate naturally, and do not forcibly peel off the crusts to prevent hypertrophy of scars.

5. Avoid sunlight, ban light-sensitive drugs and food, and rub sunscreen when going out. 

6. Pay attention to a reasonable diet, eat more vegetables and fruits, and supplement vitamins.

Next talk about how to care for the skin. If you use sensitive skin cleanser, it may also make sensitive skin more sensitive. This is because the stratum corneum of sensitive skin is relatively fragile and cannot withstand the sonic vibration of the facial cleanser. If people who are already sensitive skin use the facial cleanser, it will only aggravate the skin and make the skin more sensitive to changes in the external environment. For sensitive skin, it is best to wash your face with warm water before the skin does not recover. In order to make the skin less sensitive and dry, it is best to control the number of times you wash your face twice or less per day.

How to avoid: Without sensitive skin, you can avoid the dangers of redness and irritation after use. Sensitive skin with thin stratum corneum is not suitable for skin cleansers.

Frequent use of the cleansing device will make people with dry skin become drier, which may cause dry skin to become desert muscle. This is because the frequent use of the sonic vibration principle of the facial cleanser for cleaning will consume a large amount of NMF inside the stratum corneum. This is the "clean feeling" when you feel your skin becomes tighter. However, after this excessive repeated cleaning caused the loss of natural moisturizing factors, the moisture in the skin's stratum corneum was correspondingly reduced. In the end, this affected the shedding of the uppermost aged keratinocytes, making the face that was originally dry skin change It becomes drier and even causes cracking and peeling. We also have RF Machine Kuma Shape III on sale, welcome to consult.

Post time: Apr-18-2021