How to Remove Tattoos Safely?

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Tattoo-washing is to remove the pictures, text, and English letters that were originally tattooed on the body. Maybe due to love, life, and the purpose of changing the status quo or mood, the number of tattoo-washing people is also increasing. In fact, removing tattoos is not as simple as imagined. This is because during the tattooing process, the pigment used is generally located in the dermis layer of the skin, not the epidermis layer.

Portable ND-YAG Laser Removal Machine

Portable ND-YAG Laser Removal Machine

So what are the ways to remove tattoos? As a Laser Beauty Machine Factory, share with you.

1.High-frequency electronic watch hands

The main method is to remove tattoos by means of high-voltage electric spark. This method has obvious limitations. In this way, the surface skin of the tattoo site can be metabolized and detached. Generally, only the top layer of tattoos can be removed. If deep tattoos are used in this way, scars that are difficult to remove will be left, and the overall appearance of the skin will be affected.

2.Traditional Chinese Medicine Tattoo Removal

Its essence is to burn the skin of the tattoo site through chemicals, but in the process of implementation, the control of the dose of Chinese medicine is relatively high, and ordinary doctors cannot control the amount of medicine. The overall effect is relatively good. Once used in excess, it will cause scarring caused by burning of the skin at the site of action, which is more difficult to remove.

3. Frozen to remove pigment

This method is not easy to control in real life, and it is difficult to operate, so the frequency of use is very low. It is mainly difficult to control the spraying range of liquid nitrogen after freezing treatment. If the intensity is not good, the treated skin will be severe. Infection or blistering.

4. The magic needle transfer heat

According to the tattoo area of the beauty seeker, different sizes and shapes of the magic needles are created, and the heat is applied to the tattoo area, so that the heat generated by the magic needles can burn the skin, reduce the skin moisture, and the pigment can be removed. However, during the implementation process, various difficulties may be encountered. The action time of the acupuncture needle and the heating temperature will affect the surgical effect. If the degree is not controlled properly, the dermal tissue of the skin will be damaged, and burns and infections are inevitable.

5.Portable ND-YAG Laser Removal Machine

Laser tattoo washing is currently the most widely used technology, but the current technology does not guarantee that all tattoos can be achieved with this technology. Laser tattoos are generally targeted at black, dark, red, and other tattoos, but tattoos of other colors are less effective. At present, the popular non-chemical dye tattoos on the market are not suitable for laser removal, because the effect is minimal, and it may even stimulate the penetration of tattoo pigments deeper into the skin.

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Post time: Apr-18-2021