Do you really know how to Remove Hair?

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80% of girls don’t know about hair removal. Do you really know hair removal?
As a Scar Removal Machine Factory, share with you.

I don’t know how to use hair removal cream correctly until today! Finding the correct usage is wrong!

Do you still use hair removal cream like this? No wonder it’s allergic to taking off clean! In fact, it is not the fault of hair removal cream!

808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

1. Use a hair removal cream after or before taking a bath?

2. Apply hair removal cream directly!

3. Then apply it and wait for 8-15 minutes

4. Then use the scraper to clean the hair against the hair

5. Or wash it with cleaning products

The above method is estimated to be the method used by 80% of younger sisters!

The above methods are basically all wrong. If they are wrong, they may be forgotten. The important ones may cause you to be allergic and not clean off!

See the right way to use hair removal cream:

1. Use two hours before and after bathing!

(Depilatory creams are alkaline, and cleaning products have chemical effects)

2. Use a hot towel for 3 minutes to open the hair follicles before use. If it’s underarms, first cut off most of the armpit hair with scissors

(Too much hair will block the roots of the hair, making it impossible to directly contact the hair removal cream)

3. Apply depilatory cream

(10 minutes for armpit hair / 4 minutes for lip hair / 8 minutes for leg hair)

4 Wipe gently with a towel against your hair

(The scraper provided in the depilatory cream is used for application. If it is directly scraped off with hard things, it will damage the skin! After the epilation, the skin is the most vulnerable)

5. Wipe clean with water after wiping

(Never use shower gel or other cleaning products)

6. After the hair removal, you need to apply the essence. Generally, some hair removal creams come with hair suppression essence, such as the one I use now!

Choosing hair removal cream is also a science, it is best to choose a suit, do not believe that hair removal cream can suppress hair! Unless it is a suit!
It is best to choose the ingredient with jojoba seed oil, which is relatively mild!

I usually use a hair removal cream about once every 15 days, because it takes so long to grow out. It may grow faster at first, but it ’s basically a long time after using two sets, because I ’m the one who takes off my body!

The above method was missed, and then allergic, red and swollen, and the hair removal was not clean. Comment area 1 Let me see how many young ladies do not use hair removal cream!

If you don’t want to remove hair one at a time, you can choose laser hair removal. Our company also has 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine on sale.
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Post time: Apr-18-2021