What is a diode laser used for?

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Diode Laser Therapy System is safe and permanent for hair removal.

With a wavelength of 808nm, Diode Laser Therapy System penetrates into the skin with a depth of 2.5mm. It’ s influences cover hair fllicles in different positions with different depths.

Scattered in hair follices stromalcells, melanin will be transferred to hair shaft during the process of hair growth. Melanin is rich in hair follile epithelium, hair papilla, and hair cortex. Melanin selectively absorbs laser energy and the produced energy immediately forms local high temperature, which damages hair flliles and hair shaft, hinders and terminates hair growth.

Laser energy tends to be easily absorbed by melanin in hair folile and hemoglobin in dermal papilla nutrient vessels, and then producing photothermal effects. When the temperature in hair flliles rises to some certain degree,thermal expansion happened in hair fllile fractures melanin cells and be pushed out of hair pores by steams.

At the same time, dermal papilla nutrient vessels are damaged because of hemoglobin solidification. Under above dual functions, effective hair removal will be achieved.

What is a diode laser used for?cid=11

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