What does microdermabrasion facial do?

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Microdermabrasion is a physical exfoliation treatment that can help improve the texture and appearance of your skin along with creating better circulation and lymph flow.?People with sun-damaged skin, age spots, small scars, surface acne, and enlarged pores are all good candidates.

What does microdermabrasion facial do?cid=11

1) All-in-one: This product integrates skin detection, customized beauty solutions, product launches; basic beauty care, cuticle keratin cleansing, deep cleansing, Deep hydration and nourishment, anti-aging maintenance, sedative maintenance and other functions are all in one. One machine has multiple functions and the market demand is great.

2) High comfort: The design of the handle conforms to the principles of ergonomics, and the material is skin-friendly and comfortable.

3) Functional principle: The core principle of this product is 3 spectrum sampling, AI intelligent skin measurement, AI intelligent product push, AI beauty program customization; six major care Functions: “ultrasonic spatula”, “big bubble”, “nano atomization”, “ultrasonic”, “golden radio frequency”, “ice-seal repair”.

4)?Simple operation: AI intelligent analysis, convenient operation, easy to use, no surgery, no skin breaking, strong safety.

Post time: Apr-18-2021