How to Lighten Pigmentation?

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The causes of pigmentation vary. It is important that babies who want to quickly remove spots should do proper care. Here, Coolplas machine Factory summarizes all the causes of pigmentation, from the outside and the inside of the skin, effective treatment of spots!

ND-YAG Pigment Removal Machine

ND-YAG Pigment Removal Machine

Six reasons for skin pigmentation

[1] Due to inflammation

Acne marks, mosquito bites, burns and burns, atopic dermatitis and inflammation of the skin, etc. The inflammation of the skin will cause the skin to produce a lot of melanin, thereby inhibiting inflammation and causing pigmentation. Spots caused by skin inflammation are also called post-inflammatory pigmentation. Its characteristic is that it is easier to form after inflammation of the face or body. The more severe the inflammation, the more severe the pigmentation.

[2] subject to friction

The causes of pigmentation caused by friction are as follows

Wash your face with a lot of power, use a razor, etc. for hair treatment

This type of pigmentation is also classified as inflammatory pigmentation, but it is different from the inflammation of acne marks and mosquito bites. With the increase in skin friction and friction, inflammation that is invisible to the eyes will persist for a long period of time, followed by pigmentation.

[3] Compressed

There is a habit of wearing tight underwear and small size clothes, supporting the cheeks with elbows

Care should be taken because the skin is squeezed and becomes very thick, which can easily cause melanin and pigmentation

Sensitive areas and elbows are more likely to be affected by oppression. When you wear tights and shorts that are not the right size, the thighs will be squeezed and rubbed easily, which will put a burden on your skin.

[4] Oxidized

Although it may be a bit surprising, when the sebum secreted clogs the pores and oxidizes, brown pigmentation may appear.

It looks similar to spots caused by melanin, but the main reason for oxidative pigmentation is oxidized sebum. In addition to liquid foundation or oil with a lot of oil, cosmetics that have been open for 2 to 3 years after being opened may be oxidized if they are used for many years.

[5] Because of aging

Pigmentation caused by skin aging caused by repeated exposure to ultraviolet rays are called age spots. Senile pigment spots do not appear immediately after exposure to ultraviolet light, but they are characterized by the continued accumulation of ultraviolet damage and the appearance of jagged teeth over time.

[6] Because of chloasma

The chloasma is generally bilaterally symmetrical, and the spots begin to appear around the cheekbones and outside the corners of the eye after pregnancy or after taking birth control pills.

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Post time: Apr-18-2021