755/808/1064nm diode laser hair removal machine

755/808/1064nm diode laser hair removal machine

Professional diode hair removal machine manufacturer offers new design 755+808+1064nm diode laser hair removal machines at best factory price.

Product Detail

Hair-free skin starts from laser hair removal machine, painless and fast, MOQ: 1 set, Sincoheren group since 1999, get price.

Laser Selective Photothermal effect plays a decisive role in hair removal. As the fundamental theory for Diode Laser’s hair removal function, Laser Selective Photothermal makes the target tissues (melanin in follicle and hemoglobin in hair papilla nutrient vessels) shows perfect absorbency to specific wavelength. Treatment time for each pulse should be equal to or less than target issues’ thermal relaxation time. Thus photothermal effects will be limited in target issues, and prevent thermal energy’s damage to surrounding tissues.

60753ae90fd30 Advantage of 755/808/1064nm diode laser hair removal machine

1.The gold standard in permanent hair removal effectively for all skin type including tanned skin-clinically documented and proven results.

2.Advanced Unichill technology handpiece provides continuous contact cooling of the epidermis.

3.Ergonomically design finger trigger for easy, comfortable operation.

diode laser

diode laser1

1)The 808 diode laser hair removal machine is designed, developed and built by a diode hair removal machine manufacturer- Sincoheren group manufacturing all kinds of medical aesthetic devices, it is a full-spectrum diode hair removal machine, with different wavelength being 755nm, 1064nm, and 810nm, it is powered by a super-efficient, long-distance laser diode for hair removal.

2)The wide-spot diode laser hair removal machine was born from research and development in China and is written strictly according to EU and FDA regulations. This diode hair removal machine can be used on men and women, with many different skin types. It is the world’s only professionally produced by diode hair removal machine manufacturer that has over 20 years experience.

3)For men and women, Sincoheren award winning laser technology will permanently remove unwanted facial and body hair. How does Sincoheren laser hair removal technology work? Let’s put it this way: you’re in for a treat. With Sincoheren perfect mix of speed, convenience, and painless nature, you’ll wonder why you ever put up with shaving. Salons everywhere swear by Sincoheren technology.

4)It is the tail end of a hair care treatment gone wrong.  The woman who gave you a treatment to remove unwanted hair has since left the company. Your hair has yet to return following a lengthy procedure. A surprising discovery when you go in for a routine checkup reveals that despite having been out of work, meet Sincoheren and explore more about diode hair removal machine that delivers instant hair-free solution.

5)Reap the diode hair removal machine benefits of light while reducing the cost of upkeep. Low-powered diode hair removal machines are ideal for use on delicate areas like on the lip, nose, sideburns and chin, as well as hard-to-reach bikini and underarm lines.

Application of

1.Remove unwanted hair completely and permanently.

2.Applicable to any hair color and all skin types.

3.Permanent hair reduction Virtually pain free

4.Long lasting results

after sales oem

1、Sincoheren has an integrated professional system of beauty machines research and development, manufacture, certificates identification and market promotion.
2、Comprehensive and well organized SPDP procedure guarantees beauty machines development.
3、Successfully provide OEM/ODM service for Germany distributors, Turkey distributors, USA distributors and Australia distributors, etc.

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