What is RF Beauty Technology?

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With the rapid development of modern beauty technology, there are more and more technologies that can be safer and effectively promote skin regeneration. Traditional methods of non-surgical skin regeneration include chemical exfoliation, skin abrasion, and laser remodeling (exfoliation), which can remove the skin surface. However, these invasive surgeries can have complications such as the generation of inflammation, infections, pigmentation, scarring and longer recovery times.

Rf Skin Tightening Machine

Rf Skin Tightening Machine

Therefore, non-peeling skin rejuvenation methods are more and more popular-RF radio frequency technology.

The principle of radio frequency treatment

The theoretical principle of radio frequency is more complicated. We will explain it in detail in class. Here we will briefly introduce it. Because the flow of charged particles can release electromagnetic radiation and generate an oscillating current, when the current is released into the skin tissue, it will be converted into heat due to the resistance of the tissue to the movement of the particles.

The explanation of this principle can be expressed by Joule’s law learned in junior high school. The relationship between heat, current and time generated by the action of electrons and resistance is as follows:

Q (energy) = I2 (current) * R (resistance) * t (time)

In our human body, the dermal tissue of the skin is a large resistance. which we call human impedance. When the electromagnetic field emitted by RF Machine Kuma Shape III is transmitted to our target tissue through the treatment head, the impedance in the dermal tissue will The deep layer of skin produces a columnar heating effect, so we will feel a thermal sensation during RF treatment.

In order to protect the epidermis from thermal damage caused by overheating, the treatment head of the RF device has a unique dynamic cooling technology. With the treatment’s dynamic cooling technology, the skin surface can be cooled to protect the epidermis, and the heat is targeted to the dermis.

RF beauty technology indications

With the aging of the skin, the underlying collagen supporting structure is gradually consumed, which causes the skin to easily wrinkle and sagging. Because the surrounding supporting structure has less collagen, the pores become larger
and the capillaries become more obvious.

Radio frequency is to denature the dermal collagen and melt the triple helix structure of collagen through its principle of heat transmission. As the skin cools, the collagen recombines to form a tighter, more neatly arranged structure; tight binding restores the skin to its original A sense of compactness. From the long-term effects, the heat generated by radiofrequency treatment can stimulate the inflammatory response and the healing response of skin fibroblasts to produce new collagen and elastin.

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Post time: Apr-18-2021