What are the Freckle Beauty Equipment?

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Spots will not only lower the face value, but also affect the mood. Which method should be used to completely remove the spots or scars on the face? What are the instruments that can remove freckles? Let' s share it with Laser Beauty Machine Manufacturer.

What is picosecond?

Picosecond Laser Tattoo Removal Machine is a Q-switched type of laser. It is mainly used for the treatment of some pigments, such as freckle, eyebrow wash, tattoo, and other skin problems caused by pigment. In addition, it has 755 honeycomb cleansing, black face doll, Removes yellow and whitening and other functions; it is a Q-switched laser instrument configured between ordinary laser eyebrow washing machine and picosecond laser.

Relative to eyebrow washing machine: The advantage of picosecond is that it has a more effective and safer treatment effect. The shorter pulse width makes micropicosecond output a higher energy density, and the degree of blasting of pigment is much higher than that of eyebrow washing. Machine, can more effectively break down pigments and metabolize pigments; ultra-short pulse width also greatly reduces the degree of thermal damage to normal skin tissue during energy output, accelerates the recovery of skin tissue after treatment, and reduces the probability of anti-blackening after treatment happened.

Relative to picosecond lasers: The price / performance ratio of micropicosecond lasers is much higher than that of picosecond lasers, which can meet the price requirements of most small and medium beauty salons. The small and beautiful model design is also more suitable for the space of small and medium beauty salons. Requirements, convenient mobile transportation, suitable for the development of foreign cooperation projects.

ND-YAG Pigment Removal Machine

ND-YAG Pigment Removal Machine

How does picosecond work?

The principle of laser skin treatment instrument for skin pigmented lesions is based on the theory of selective photothermal effect, using the blasting effect of laser, the laser effectively penetrates the epidermis, reaches the pigment mass of the dermis layer, is absorbed by the corresponding pigment, and the pigment mass is instantaneous The laser that absorbed the high energy expands rapidly and breaks into fine particles. These particles are swallowed by the macrophages in the body and discharged out of the body. The pigment gradually fades and eventually disappears, achieving the purpose of treatment.

The ND-YAG Pigment Removal Machine also incorporates multiple functions, which can be used for multiple purposes, which is extremely affordable and cost-effective!

Laser pigment removal uses the high energy emitted by the laser to make the pigment particles that are irradiated absorb the energy and rupture instantly. Part of the pigment is broken into smaller particles and discharged out of the body. Part of it is swallowed by human macrophages and excreted by the lymphatic system. Get rid of pigment. Because the normal tissue absorbs 1064nm and 532nm laser light very little, it will not harm the normal tissue, so it maintains the integrity of the cell framework and will never form a condition of scarring. This is the safety of treatment that cannot be compared with any other method at present. The greatest guarantee is that customers will not be troubled by postoperative complications.

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